handhweek-logoThis week (Nov. 14-22) is National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week and we at Bullards Towing understand how hard it is to make ends meet especially with our economy the way it is. In 2013, there were about 8 million households that were unable to provide adequate food for their children. This season we invite you to reach out and get involved or support our community to help try and end this national epidemic.

Every little bit helps and is appreciated by those trying to help and those being helped. There several ways to get involved, from organizing a canned/dry food drive, collecting donations (needed items or money), donating items or money, volunteering at a local shelter or even just stopping the next time you see someone in need to talk to them.

There is no shame in being in need or homeless and we as a community need to make sure they are not shamed. We all should make a conscious effort to take care of our community members in need.

Here are a few quick ways you can help:

391658_349762155117362_1500129689_n4th Annual Hunger & Homeless Banquet
Brunswick County Homeless Coalition
Saturday, Nov. 21st from 10 – 2pm
Sacred Heart Hall in Southport, NC

logo_smallText NCH to 85944 and reply YES to make a $10 donation!*
Your contribution will make a significant difference in helping us to educate the public and policy makers to direct your hard-earned tax dollars to prevent homelessness, and assist those becoming homeless in your community to rapidly move out of shelters back into housing with the supportive services they need to stabilize within the community.

Bullards Towing wants you to remember, this crisis isn’t just about this week, it is a challenge faced by many Americans day in and day out so please get involved and stay involved.